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I am a motorcycle racer, musician, photographer, and financial advisor. This blog contains everything from race craft to economic philosophy. My team and I are working to create a youth leadership development program. My purpose in life is to coach others how attain their goals. Through racing, I show how mindset, technical skill, and passion translate to success. I don't just talk the talk - I am living the sermon.
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These rims, that body. Yes.

Lane crosser. Ugh

Highway 28 just down from Deals Gap has some truly stunning vistages, not to mention it is one hell of a road!

I think I’m going to go without cleaning my rims for a week and then clear coat them. #problemsolved #firstworldproblems

Oooohhh the beauty!

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The Science Of Tripping Balls, And Its Impact On Creativity

A new study reveals how hallucinogenic drugs put people in a more dream-like, “selfless,” and maybe creative state.

Scientists aren’t merely confirming that hallucinogens are fun to do. If the effects of these drugs could be harnessed, then theoretically, they could be used to deliberately fuel creative output. “It’s possible that we could learn what sort of mode the brain enters when one has creative insights on the drug and then maybe we could learn about how that could be harnessed without it,” says Robin Carhart-Harris, a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London and a co-author of the study.

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